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Discover Balance and Strength with Yoga Classes

Yoga, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga

Discover Balance and Strength with Amanda's Yoga Classes

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Embark on a transformative journey of harmony and vitality with our diverse range of yoga classes, meticulously guided by the experienced Amanda Greenwood. Whether you're looking to invigorate your body with the dynamic flows of Power Yoga every Tuesday at 10 AM, seek tranquility and deep relaxation through Yin Yoga on Fridays at 10:45 AM, or aim to achieve a perfect blend of physical and mental wellness with our harmonizing Wednesday sessions at 6 PM, Amanda’s expertise will cater to your unique wellness aspirations. Join us to explore these distinct paths toward achieving your health and wellness goals, each session designed to offer an enriching experience that nurtures both body and mind.

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Under Amanda's expert guidance, participants are not merely engaging in physical exercise; they are embarking on a journey towards achieving a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Each class is crafted to not only challenge the body in a healthy way but also to provide a space for mental and emotional growth and relaxation. Amanda places a strong emphasis on the importance of personal attention, ensuring that each participant receives the guidance and support they need to progress at their own pace. This individualized attention helps in addressing specific needs and goals, making the practice more effective and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Moreover, Amanda fosters a nurturing and supportive community atmosphere within her classes. This environment encourages participants to support one another, share their experiences, and grow together as they practice.

It's this sense of community and collective journey towards well-being that sets Amanda's classes apart, making them a sought-after experience for those looking to enhance their lifestyle through the practice of yoga. In essence, attending Amanda Greenwood's yoga sessions at re:new Studios is not just about improving physical fitness; it's an opportunity to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, enriched by the values of yoga and the communal support of like-minded individuals.

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