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Experience Core Strength and Flexibility with re:new's Pilates

Pilates at re:new Studios

Join Sam for Pilates classes that build posture, flexibility, and mental clarity. Perfect for all levels, these sessions offer a balanced workout for mind and body.

Embark on a journey of core strength and elegant movement with Sam's Pilates classes

Step into the world of Pilates under the expert guidance of Sam Parker, a specialist in sculpting the body through precision and breath control. Whether you're aiming to enhance your physical alignment and flexibility or seeking to deepen your connection with your body through focused exercises, Sam's expertise offers a supportive path to your fitness goals. Experience the transformative effects of Pilates in sessions designed to strengthen, tone, and promote a balanced state of being. Join Sam Parker and discover the route to physical and mental harmony, where every exercise and breath work together to rejuvenate and empower.

Meet your Instructor

Sam Parker stands out as a dedicated Pilates Coach at re:new Studios, bringing a unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion to her classes.

With an extensive background in Pilates instruction, Sam has developed a teaching style that is both deeply informed and highly accessible, making her sessions ideal for anyone looking to improve their physical health and mental clarity. Her commitment to Pilates goes hand-in-hand with her daytime passion for Thermomix, a testament to her belief in the importance of holistic well-being that combines balanced nutrition with physical exercise.

In her Pilates classes, Sam places a strong emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and mental focus, foundational elements that are essential for achieving overall health and well-being. Her approach to teaching is reflective of her years of experience in the field, characterized by a keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of the body's mechanics. This ensures that each session not only challenges participants physically but also supports their journey towards achieving a clearer, more focused mind.

Joining Sam Parker for Pilates at re:new Studios means becoming part of a community that values not just the improvement of physical abilities but also the cultivation of a lifestyle that supports long-term well-being. Through her expert guidance, participants will explore the full spectrum of benefits that Pilates has to offer, from enhanced core strength and flexibility to improved mental clarity and focus, all within an environment that fosters growth, learning, and holistic health.

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