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open gym sessions

At re:new there is a Personal Trainer to support you every step of your fitness journey.

Open Gym Sessions

6 Open Gym Sessions over 8 Weeks for £50. Includes, Lower, Upper, Core and Full Body Workouts

Unlock your fitness potential with our 6 Open Gym Sessions package, spread over 8 weeks for just £50. This carefully structured program includes targeted workouts for Lower Body, Upper Body, Core, and Full Body, offering a comprehensive approach to physical conditioning. Designed for flexibility and personalized progression, each session allows you to focus on specific body areas or engage in full-body workouts according to your individual fitness goals. Whether you're looking to strengthen muscle, improve endurance, or enhance overall physical health, this package provides the resources and environment to achieve your objectives. With open gym access, you have the freedom to train at your own pace, using our wide range of equipment and facilities to maximize your workout efficiency. Dive into a balanced routine that covers all aspects of fitness, tailored to suit beginners and seasoned gym-goers alike.


You will have a network of people to connect with about your progress and goals. Get lifestyle advice from other class members, push each other, or hang out after training.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are trained, educated and certified to lead group classes. They know how to keep you safe while helping you reach your potential.


When you exercise alone, coming to the gym can feel like a chore. Group workouts are lively and exciting. You'll find yourself looking forward to exercising.


You will continuously check your program with our varied routines. We will support you so you get the best results as quickly as possible and offer you regular check-ins.

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Paul or Chris will be on hand to support you fully during your fitness journey.

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