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Tailored Nutrition Support at Renew Gym, Woodhall Spa

About the Nutrition Plan

At re:new Gym, we pride ourselves on blending innovative technology with time-tested fitness approaches.

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re:new Gym in Lincolnshire focuses on revolutionizing nutrition habits with its 8-week personalized nutrition coaching plan. This plan, costing £99 per month, £198 total, is designed to cater to the unique nutritional needs of each participant, offering specialized support for middle-aged women to alleviate menopause symptoms and enhance energy, and for active men aiming to boost energy, support joint health, and improve performance. It also provides tailored nutrition strategies for individuals aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or enhanced overall wellness. Integral to this plan is the inclusion of weekly support sessions and advanced Styku 3D body scans, ensuring that participants have continuous guidance and can track their progress through precise body compoDividersition analysis. This comprehensive nutrition-focused approach is designed to empower participants to achieve their health and fitness goals, all at a cost of less than £25 per week.

Here's what the 8 Week Nutrition Plan is all about


Begin with a health questionnaire and a comprehensive 3D body scan to set your baseline. Get acquainted with program basics, join our supportive Facebook group, and receive your coloured pots and introductory materials.

Your Foundation

Begin your health transformation with guidance and videos from Debbie, complemented by support in our exclusive Facebook group, designed to facilitate your journey towards improved wellness and community connection.

Group Support

In the Check-In and Adjustments phase, participants receive a second 3D scan to evaluate progress, attend an in-person support group session for encouragement, and may have their plan adjusted for optimal results.

Keep Updated

In the Continued Learning phase, stay inspired through regular updates and additional nutritional insights, alongside support meetings every four weeks, to enhance your journey and sustain motivation.


The Final Assessment involves a concluding 3D body scan showcasing your transformation, followed by a discussion on maintaining progress and planning next steps to continue your health and wellness journey.

What Next?

Continue your journey with newfound knowledge, engaging in both in-person and Facebook Support Groups, or choose a month-to-month continuation for ongoing personalized guidance and support to enhance your health and wellness.

Not Quite Sure?

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I was suffering badly with menopause and particularly weight gain, when a friend recommended Deb to me. I joined the 8 week nutritional plan and have never looked back. Deb has taught me so much about food and portion control that has been really life changing for me. The best part is is that it's not a diet its about making healthy choices. I've loved making everything fresh and feel so much better in myself. As a result I've lost a lot of excess fat and weight and feel so much more comfortable in my clothes.

Julie McCartney

Since 2022, I've followed Debs' DPP Nutrition and Support plan, shedding over 45 lbs and navigating special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. I've gained insights from Debs and the group, with the tailored pot plan and portion sizing being straightforward. I've picked up tips for smarter dining and shopping, choosing healthier foods and planning ahead. Embracing the science has guided me, with healthy snacks like apple with nut butter to avoid hunger dips. Scans revealing fat loss, including visceral, android, subcutaneous, and gynoid fats, plus bone mass and muscle mass improvements, have been highly motivating.

Val Cady

At 60, I sought better nutrition. Despite being fit, my diet felt unbalanced. After unsatisfying experiences with a nutrition coach, my wife and I tried Debbie's "pot" food plan, paired with regular exercise, for nearly a year. The results have been transformative in terms of health, fitness, and mental well-being. I'm now stronger, more aerobically fit, and mentally sharper than in the last decade. Advocating for a diet high in protein, fruits, vegetables, and lower in carbs has rejuvenated me. I plan to stick with the DPP plan, aiming for better CrossFit Open rankings and continued enjoyment of life.

Adrian Rowling

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