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Our expert team at re:new Gym in Woodhall Spa is dedicated to helping every individual, from busy professionals to active seniors, reach their fitness and wellness goals.

The Team

Paul Lyons

Head Coach

Embark on a fitness journey at re:new Mind + Body in Woodhall Spa, where our expert Paul Lyons demystifies the path to well-being. With a multitude of programs out there, Paul provides customized guidance, designed to deliver efficient and swift outcomes for every fitness level. Experience his bespoke classes that blend personalized workouts, professional insight, and an encouraging atmosphere. From busy professionals seeking to optimize their health to active seniors aiming for vitality, Paul's proficiency is your asset in achieving fitness excellence.

Chris Willerton

Support Coach

Chris Willerton, with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science, offers a comprehensive wellness service at re:new Mind + Body in Woodhall Spa, emphasizing personal training and holistic health counseling. Being a part of SENr since 2017, he utilizes evidence-based methods to ensure effective health strategies for a diverse clientele, from those seeking to improve their general well-being to menopausal women looking for tailored health solutions. Chris's approach includes personalized exercise routines, continuous monitoring of development, and a dedicated focus on preventing injuries, creating a customized and understanding route to achieving wellness goals for clients at any stage of life.

Debbie Armstrong

Nutrition Support

Debbie, a former nurse with three decades of experience, has seamlessly transitioned into the nutrition field, offering her expertise at re:new Gym. She champions a straightforward and innovative approach to dietary wellness with her coloured pot system, designed to simplify meal planning and ensure balanced nutrition without the hassle of intricate calculations. At the heart of a community-focused gym, Debbie integrates her deep understanding of health and personal care into a holistic fitness journey. Her commitment to practical, accessible nutrition and overall well-being makes her a guiding force for those looking to enhance their health, providing a nurturing environment where nutrition and physical fitness converge for lasting lifestyle changes.

Amanda Greenwood


Join Amanda Greenwood at re:new Studios, nestled in the scenic heart of Woodhall Spa, for Yoga classes that cater to a harmonious blend of body and mind. Amanda's commitment to holistic fitness shines through in sessions that nurture strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Perfect for anyone from active seniors enhancing their posture to busy professionals seeking a slice of tranquility, her classes offer personal attention to all skill levels. With a focus on precise technique and fostering community, confidence blossoms naturally. Step into Amanda's world and let her guide you towards a more centered and balanced life through the transformative power of Yoga.

Sam Parker


Join Sam at re:new Studios, located in the picturesque setting of Woodhall Spa, for Pilates classes that harmonize physical alignment with mental well-being. Sam's dedication to holistic fitness is evident in sessions that emphasize core strength, flexibility, posture, and overall endurance. Ideal for everyone from active seniors working on their mobility to busy professionals in search of stress relief, his classes provide tailored guidance for all abilities. Concentrating on accurate form and building a supportive community, participants naturally gain confidence and poise. Enter Sam's realm and allow him to lead you on a journey to a more balanced and aligned life through the transformative practice of Pilates.

Sue Willoughby

Tai Ch Qigong

Begin a transformative holistic journey with Sue Willoughby at re:new Studios in Woodhall Spa. Her dedicated Tai Chi Qigong sessions are designed to cultivate balance, enhance coordination, and promote mental clarity, providing a sanctuary for stress relief. Sue's classes go beyond physical wellness, inviting you to explore a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit, fostering inner harmony. Embrace Sue's compassionate instruction to heighten self-awareness and overall well-being. Join us to experience the life-balancing benefits of Tai Chi Qigong and enrich your life with Sue's expert guidance.

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