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tai chi qigong

Discover Balance and Strength with Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong

Discover Harmony and Vitality with Tai Chi Sessions

Embark on a journey of balance and rejuvenation with Sue Tai Chi Qigong classes.

Dive into the world of Tai Chi Qigong under the guidance of Sue Willoughby, a master in harmonizing physical movement with mindful meditation. Whether you're drawn to the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi Qigong to enhance your physical stability and mental clarity, or you're seeking a deeper connection to your inner self through meditative practices, Sue's expertise is here to support your wellness journey. Experience the transformative power of Tai Chi Qigong with our sessions, each designed to cultivate energy, promote health, and foster a serene state of mind. Join Sue Willoughby and uncover the path to holistic well-being, engaging with each movement and breath in a way that refreshes both body and spirit.

Meet your Instructor

Sue Willoughby, a distinguished Tai Chi Qigong Coach, extends a warm invitation to individuals seeking tranquility, balance, and enhanced wellness to join her at re:new Studios.

Specializing in the art of Tai Chi Qigong, Sue's classes are more than just physical exercises; they are a journey towards achieving harmony and clarity in both mind and body. Her sessions are meticulously designed to cultivate balance, improve coordination, and foster mental clarity through gentle, flowing movements that are accessible to participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Under Sue's expert tutelage, attendees are guided through practices that not only aim to strengthen the body but also to calm the mind and nourish the spirit. This holistic approach to wellness emphasizes the interconnectedness of physical health and mental well-being, making Tai Chi Qigong an ideal practice for those looking to enhance their overall quality of life. Sue's deep understanding of Tai Chi Qigong, combined with her passion for teaching and her commitment to her students, ensures a nurturing and supportive environment.

Participants can expect to leave each session feeling rejuvenated, with a sense of inner peace and a renewed connection to their inner selves.

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